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Buy Books

You can buy multiple books for less than the price of a new book. We sell a wide variety of fiction and non fiction, new and old. Have a walk through to find some of the worlds great authors, both past and present. Explore authors and subjects you already know or discover new and exciting ones to add to your preferences. Immerse yourself in the countless possibilities and expand your knowledge.

Sell Books

We would love to buy your quality books. Especially ones on the arts, philosophy, transport, exploration, science, history, travel, spiritual and mystical, entertainment, military, and New Zealand. We also want to buy your quality fiction from any period and popular fiction published in the last five years. Bring us your fantasy and science fiction books so we can make people happy! We offer a credit towards books or a cash price on books. A credit towards books will be offered at a higher price than a cash payment.

Loyalty Cards

When you buy a book we issue you with a loyalty card. Once you have accumulated $100 of purchases, no matter how long it takes, we will credit you $5 towards a book. So, you essentially accumulate 5% of what you spend.

Book Exchange

If you purchase a book from us you can exchange it after you have read it. We will give you 50% back on the price you paid for that book towards your next book.

Wants List

If you have a particular book you are searching for we will take the details and contact you when the book comes into the shop. We will also actively search for the book for you.
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We stock a wide range of candy 
As well as paintings  You are welcome to come in and browse.
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